INFINECT antenna with attributes such as low profile, lightweight and aero dynamic, which is well adapted for vast aviation market ranging from commercial aeroplanes, drones and private jetliners. 

The existing solution to provide data on board is expensive, bulky and is also unable to fix the problems of high-speed data requirements. In that scenario, INFINECT will bring high efficient broadband connectivity on board offering customers a chance to surf the internet while flying at thousands of feet above ground.


INFINECT antenna is able to provide connectivity in the maritime sector ranging from large ships, cruises and yachts where existing solutions find hard to reach. Expanding the current usage of internet, in this segment of market where the internet is mainly limited to emergency situations only. 

INFINECT antenna offers high-speed internet to let end user stay connected to the rest of the world while still being in the middle of seas. 

Land Mobile

INFINECT antenna aims to provide in home internet connectivity experience to the end user while they are at remote locations, where even terrestrial communication is limited due to lack of proper infrastructure. Our solution keeps transportation such as Trains, Buses, Trucks to stay connected while they are on the move.

The proposed solution can further be extended to industrial plants in form of IoT to send relevant data to the main site location without any human intervention.


With the ever-increasing demand for high internet data rates and bandwidth, defence sector always seeks to improve the above with sophisticated solutions, which are well adapted to their current and possible future hardware.

This is where INFINECT antenna could potentially play a significant role in offering the best solution to meet all these requirements.

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