INFINECT’s antenna is based on our ground-breaking patent-pending technology based on an innovative electronic control steering, which allows tracking the satellite providing the service in a fast, secure and reliable manner, thus offering superior tracking performance as compared to traditional systems. 

In addition, INFINECT’s antenna is compatible with satellites in any orbital altitude (LEO, MEO and GEO) with anticipated solutions for future LEO and MEO mega-constellation.


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INFINECT's innovative flat panel design will offer:

High Performance

At a low cost

Low Profile

An exceptional size, weight and power footprint

High Reliability

A more reliable electronic tracking for LEO, MEO and GEO constellations

Compatible for mass-production

Able to match projects of any scale.

These characteristics enable the INFINECT antenna to compete across the entire high value mobility market providing direct benefits to our customers, who will be able to provide broadband high-speed secure connectivity everywhere to the end user.

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