First Hybrid Flat Panel Antenna for Broadband Satellite Data
Revolutionising our data-connected world where being remote is a choice.
To deliver the next-generation of electronically steerable broadband flat-panel antenna solutions for satellite communications on the move.


INFINECT’s antenna is based on our ground-breaking patent-pending technology based on an innovative electronic control steering, which allows tracking the satellite providing the service in a fast, secure and reliable manner, thus offering superior tracking performance as compared to traditional systems. 


INFINECT’s technology brings with it the potential for use in a variety of applications across many industries including Aviation, Maritime, Land Mobile, Defence and more.

The Technology

INFINECT’s technology is the first hybrid flat panel antenna for broadband satellite technology and aims to revolutionise our data connected world, where being remote would be a matter of choice.

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At INFINECT, we believe in revolutionising our data connected world where being remote would be a matter of choice

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